5 Rare Jobs to Work from Home

Many people find themselves in a position where they feel like not wanting to go to the office. And it is totally fine, as nowadays there are plenty of options to work from home. Sometimes people want to mix it and earn extra bucks with comfort. And comfort is the game-changer here because not having to spend a lot of time on daily trips to and from work is truly a great advantage. When you think about people working from home, blogging or programming would come to your mind first. But when one is looking for work at home jobs, he or she might see some really uncommon, yet interesting ones.

Online Teacher

Everyone is familiar with online tutoring, and many people have used their services when they wanted to take some language classes, for instance. But did you know that there is an actual position of an online teacher? Well, now you know! Nowadays, due to COVID-19 lockdowns, it has become the only available way of teaching, even when it comes to physical education. Back then it was almost a thing that has been around, but nobody seemed to pay close attention when searching for a job from home.

Social Media Manager

If you are an active user of social networks and know how to make people interested in the content you post, you might want to give this one a shot. Either it is big and popular companies or individuals that do not have enough time to manage their profiles, you can count for a decent salary. The most popular platforms for this are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.


Streaming has been getting a big thing lately. People seem to like the concept of watching whatever a streamer does live. What makes it a unique offer is that it can literally be for everyone. Whether you are a cook, scientist, gamer, comedian, or even a regular person who has something to say to the world, you can always find your audience. Donations and partnerships are the main sources of income for a streamer. It is no secret that some do earn quite a lot.

Tester of the New Websites

When a website is about to be launched, developers have to be sure that everything works just fine. It is an easy job where you can earn a little money having spent ten or twenty minutes. Usually, your job would be to record any of your activities on a website and report anything that you find odd or what is working incorrectly.


This one is certainly not for everyone, because working as a trader requires nerves of steel. But professional and successful traders, who love what they are doing, can easily make twice or thrice of a wage of what any kind of manager makes. Trading is active speculation in the stock, financial or other markets. Now you do not need to obtain a license to have access to the stocks or bonds of any country. You can buy and sell assets in a matter of seconds. Market fluctuations are how traders make money.